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pg.15 - Things I learned
There are things I learn every single day. New things, old things. Things I've to learn over and over again.
Well, lesson #1 was that when you buy clothes, especially from garage sale, make sure to see it thoroughly no matter what the brand was. An H&M shirt would have been a nice addition if it hadn't had hole in front of it. So I need to do something with that. :/

So anyway.
I never said my apologies twice. But today, I said it over things I didn't even need to. I thought, hey maybe she worth it! For Pete's sake, I even cried!
I always knew things would never be the same like before. But I thought she'd be different.
But then, it's not. She didn't want conflict anymore.

#2 is that, the only bestestest friend one's ever had and most probably the only one, is oneself. I think I'm just gonna stick to my most fundamental rule. Keep the distance.

But then, as I walked out of her place, right after the-we're-friends-but-never-be-bestfriends handshake and hug, I couldn't help but feeling a pang deep down inside. We're way too alike and it actually hurt like hell.
well, so #3 would be: the closer you get to someone, the harder it is to let go.



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